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Banana Milkshake. Available only in 30ml. ..
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Twelve Vapor - Leo A perfect parfait, fresh raspberries give way to a smooth vanilla yogurt encas..
RM80.00 RM18.00
A legendary classic candy ice, blend with an added dose of sweet orange and some secret fruit blend ..
Mango mint.Available in 30ml/6mg only. ..
Honeydew with cooling sensation. Available in 30ml/6mg.   ..
RM40.00 RM25.00
A sweet taste of Honeydew with a subtle blend of blackcurrant. 100%vg (Fcukin Cloud Blue) Av..
18650 Price is for 1 unit for battery. Black - 3400mAh Red/gold - 3000mAh Black/Red - 26..
LauraNoir - Red Available in 40ml/6mg. ..
RM40.00 RM10.00
Milk Man E-Liquid by One Hit Wonder A delectable blend of strawberry fruit and cream. M..
RM260.00 RM130.00
The Dreamer takes your flavor palate to new heights. Its entrancing strawberry blend, with delicate ..
RM47.00 RM25.00
Schweet Mango Experience the Sweetness and Juiciness of the real green mango. Similar taste to ou..
The real ais kacang taste​ 6mg/30ml ..
RM40.00 RM5.00
Papaw - Watermelon Available in 6mg in 30ml What fruit you need the most on a freaking ..
RM45.00 RM40.00
Fantasi Grape Ice Fantasi Grape Ice is inspired by the famous Fanta Grape fizzy d..
Honeydew mint. Available in 30ml/6mg. ..
RM50.00 RM5.00
Fantasi Orange Ice Fantasi Orange Ice is inspired by the famous Fanta Orange fizzy drink. U..
Tart and refreshing green mango with hint of menthol.product of phillipines.  Notes : Avai..
RM33.00 RM25.00
Based on 1 reviews.
Gone Viral has a refreshing peach taste tasting suspiciously like Justea peach drink..Available in 3..
RM45.00 RM5.00
This flavor will give u a pure and perfection Taste OF MELON . Available in 30ml/6mg. ..
RM40.00 RM5.00
Lemon Soda. Available only in 6mg/35ml ..
Bright and über-refreshing like a cold drink poolside on a hot day, Samba Sun greets with swe..
RM95.00 RM30.00
Black Flag Risen Original Five Pawns has perfected the uniquely original flavor profile known a..
Blackcurrant ice. Available in 30ml/6mg. ..
RM35.00 RM8.00
Orange taste. Available in 30ml/6mg. ..
RM40.00 RM5.00
Creamy Mango Yogurt.15ml/6mg. ..
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Dope Smoke - Mix Berries Berry mix strawberry + blueberry + blackberry with hint of anise. Ava..
Black Billet Aluminum Body Temperature Control Functionality Powered by a Single 18650 Battery (Ba..
RM300.00 RM80.00
A personal favorite of one of the founders of High Roller Sweets, this blend was created to bring ba..
RM110.00 RM50.00
Our famous Banana Butterscotch is back with an all new look! A full flavoured banana dipped into a ..
Cool Peach with Orange. Available in 30ml.   ..
RM40.00 RM5.00
This flavor will give u a pure and perfection Taste OF BERRY . Available in 30ml/6mg. ..
RM40.00 RM30.00
Based on 1 reviews.
NNMN PHANTOM BLUE The NNMN phaNtom Blue shares the same flavor profile with phantom Green, but ..