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APPLE SHISHA Brewer mix for shisha lover pg 50% vg 50% 6mg 30ml glass bottle ..
RM50.00 RM25.00
Based on 1 reviews.
GREEN LANTERN Honeydew Grape mix PG 50% VG 50% 6MG 30ML ..
RM40.00 RM3.00
VAPENOOB-VAPE JUICE KRYPTIC 30ML Strawberry Mix Fruit PG 50% VG 50% 6MG 30ML ..
Based on 3 reviews.
SMOOTHY Pineapple grape mix pg 50% vg 50% 5mg 30ml ..
RM40.00 RM5.00
RAINBOW DREAM PG 50% VG 50% 6MG 30ML MADE IN USA A classic and creamy favorite of Rainbow Sherb..
RM95.00 RM3.00
VAPORBOY-NESLO KAW 30ML Taste like u drink the great Nescafe plus the great milo  PG 60% VG 4..
RM40.00 RM3.00
BLACK VAULT-ROOT BEER FLOAT 30ML rootbeer vanilla flavouring PG 50% VG 50% 6MG 30ML   ..
RM35.00 RM5.00
Based on 4 reviews.
CRUNCH + MILK A mouthful of your favourite cereal, with sugary milk. PG 30% VG70% 6MG 30ML MADE..
RM95.00 RM5.00
YELLOW Mango pineapple mix pg 55% vg 45% 6mg 30ml ..
RM40.00 RM3.00
STRAWBERRY MILK strawberry yogurt pg 60% vg 40% 30ml 6mg ..
RM40.00 RM3.00
VAPORBOY-FUNTA ORANGE 30ML Orange mix PG 50% VG 50% 6MG 30ML ..
RM40.00 RM5.00
YAKOLT taste like original cultured drink pg 40% vg 60% 6mg 30ml   ..
RM40.00 RM5.00
AJVAPE-PEACH LEMON 30ML Peach Lemon Mix pg 50% vg 50% 6mg 30ml   ..
RM45.00 RM10.00
Froops by Breakfast Club E-Juice Froops ejuice by The Breakfast Club E-Juice is a dried frui..
RM95.00 RM10.00
These Kangertech Subtank Vertical OCC Coils feature an updated design providing a more fulfulling va..
FRENZY PEAR Pear flavouring mix pg 60% vg 40% 0mg 30ml ..
RM40.00 RM3.00
SACRE COEUR Robust yet delicate, complex yet simple, Sacré Coeur begins with a buttery, sa..
RM95.00 RM20.00
Based on 1 reviews.
NNMN HANUMAN This is a banana flavored eliquid with a delicious baked flavor that pierces your ta..
GETAWAY-BUBU ISLAND 30ML Bubu island, our signature eliquid. Pineapple based with secret blends tha..
RM50.00 RM15.00
Based on 3 reviews.
GONE VIRAL -PEACH Gone Viral has a refreshing peach taste tasting suspiciously like Justea peach dr..
RM45.00 RM3.00
Sweet orange sherbert & rich vanilla ice cream. Notes : Available in 30ml only. Dis..
RM95.00 RM30.00
Based on 1 reviews.
ES KACANG The real ais kacang taste​ PG 50% VG 50% 6MG 30ML ..
RM40.00 RM3.00
YELLOW Banana vanilla mix pg 30% vg 70% 6mg 30ml ..
RM40.00 RM3.00
MONKEYVAPES-SUPER SNOW 30ML Supersnow is another citrus mix with a slight twist. This blend is made..
RM50.00 RM5.00
You can only get full satisfaction vape after meal with this secret flavour with malty taste tobacco..
RM30.00 RM5.00
FCUKIN FLAVA - YUMMAY GUAVA 50ML  A sweet, sour and true-to-flavour taste of our juicy effect...
RM45.00 RM20.00
RED Sparkling strawberries pg 50% vg 50% 6mg 40ml ..
RM50.00 RM3.00
OCTOBREW-PINK 30ML Combination of Pear, Berries, Vanilla and a hint of Hazelnut. pg 60% vg 40% 6M..
RM50.00 RM10.00
Based on 4 reviews.
Rich, velvety ice cream gets blended together with spring’s sweetest strawberries in our belov..
RM70.00 RM30.00
MANGO PASSION Mango mix pg 40% vg 60% 6mg 30ml ..
RM40.00 RM3.00
Twelve Vapor - Gemini A strong and juicy watermelon on the inhale gives way to a sugary and lusci..
RM80.00 RM20.00
CREAMY SUCKERZ-VERYBERRY FLAN 60ML Strawberry cream pie PG 60% VG 40% 6MG & 12MG 60ML ..
BANGIN-GREEN APPLE Bangin' is a nostalgic green apple sour tape flavour', just like those s..
RM45.00 RM3.00
1. The disposable syringe is sterilized by EO gas, non-toxic, non-pyrogenic, single use only.  ..
IT'S MELON Melon mix pg 60% vg 40% 6mg 30ml ..
RM40.00 RM3.00
ORANGE   Orange pineapple mix pg 55% vg 45% 6mg 30ml ..
RM40.00 RM3.00
SHISHA'S LOVER DOUBLE APPLE green apple red apple flavouring mix pg 50% vg 50% 6mg 30ml ..
RM40.00 RM3.00
Twelve Vapor - Leo A perfect parfait, fresh raspberries give way to a smooth vanilla yogurt encas..
RM80.00 RM18.00
Milk Man E-Liquid by One Hit Wonder A delectable blend of strawberry fruit and cream. M..
RM260.00 RM130.00